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Physical & Mental Health

The pandemic’s biggest impact has been on mental health and wellbeing.

It’s been a tough 24 months so far, and our recovery is ongoing.

From job losses and distance learning to the heightened social isolation, the beginning of the pandemic took its toll on the families of Abu Dhabi in a number of ways.

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At first, parental stress was scored as high as 2.53 on a 4-point scale…

But, overtime parental stress decreased to 2.29

From time point 1 to time point 2, positive impacts were seen across body weight, sleep quality and physical activity.

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At time point 1, negative impacts were reported across body weight, sleep quality and exercise...

And yet, as we learned to live with the imposed restrictions, stress levels reduced

We also observed similar results for children.

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However parents’ fear of the health risks associated with Covid-19 grew by 7% over time.

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% من الأسر ذكرت أنها تواجه صعوبات في العمل



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% of families said to experience
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Stayed the same